RE: the axing of the No64 bus route.

I'd like you to know that it is not only the people of Carmyle who are objecting but also the people who live all along London Road.

Because once the No64 is taken away it means we won't have any buses at all. That is all we have.

There are a lot of pensioners here (myself included) who don't have access to cars.

This means we have to walk up to Parkhead to the post office for money to live on.

Tollcross Road runs parallel to London Road and has about five different buses along there.

If I can make a suggestion: Why don't they divert one of those buses to come off Tollcross Road at Helenvale Street and come down London Road just the same route as the No64 and carry on to Braidfauld Street and then rejoin Tollcross Road?

Someone needs to have a look at all the buses and the routes and get out their drawing boards.

Miss Greene Glasgow

THERE is so much talk about benefits these days. I wonder what people would have done in the 20s and 30s.

In those days I lived with my parents in the village of Croy.

My father was a railway signalman earning between two and three pounds per week.

My pocket money was one penny per week, spent on caramels or penny pop.

There were no washing machines or electrical goods in those days and water had to be carried into the home from a communal cold water tap situated between two buildings for the use of eight families.

I wonder how today's moaners would have coped in those dark days.

James Brown Glasgow

What a disgrace – but no surprise – that councillors are constantly trying to find ways to "obstruct" Ombudsman Jim Martin from probing their expenditure. (Evening Times, 16/1) What do they have to hide? Councillors appear hellbent on finding ways to squander money.


East Kilbride