THE proposal to make radical changes to George Square was always going to be controversial.

Now, with none of the six designs being accepted by the council, people are left asking where does it leave us and why did we have the exercise in the first place?

We have gone through the expense of an international design competition, consultation and public exhibition only to see all the final plans rejected, including one chosen by four out of the five judges

The public showed little appetite for any of the six designs or their initial remit for removal of the statues and, far from a re-design, many wanted the square put back to the way it used to be.

During the exercise it became clear that people who have an affection for the square wanted it to be a place where they can visit, sit and relax.

And these people will now be demanding clarity on the future of our premier civic space, which may now only be resurfaced ahead of next year's Commonwealth Games.

Glaswegians now deserve an explanation of how the the whole process was handled, how this decision was reached and whether there will be another attempt at a radical redesign in the future.