IT'S no surprise that the Burrell Museum needs a new roof (January 18).

It has leaked almost since the day it opened.

Flat roofs do not work in Scotland.

As for the idea of amending Sir William's will to allow the treasures to be displayed overseas, this is long overdue.

As it is, there is only room in our museum to display a fraction of his collected treasures.

We should let as many people as possible share in them.

Barney Ferguson


YOUR 1950s picture in Friday's Evening Times was a real treat.

J and A Feguson's Union Street shop was one of my mother's favourites.

The staff were very polite and so clean and tidy, and every department was beautifully laid out.

Look at the cobbled street, no rubbish, no litter and, above all, NO POTHOLES.

That'll be why they are the 'good old days'!

E Donaghy


WITH regards to the pigeon poo problem at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary (January 16), I was there on January 9 and I saw the mess. It's absolutely disgusting and the smell is terrible.

The two stairs from top to bottom needs a good sweep.

People wonder where these hospital infections are coming from, well, I think the answer is that someone needs to be employed to clean outside.

Edith Holmes


THANK goodness the council has thrown out the plans for the major revamp of George Square (January 21).

As long as we get rid of the red tarmac, I will be happy. Some grassy areas for the people to relax on when we have nice days would be ideal.