GLASGOW'S riverfront has seen a huge transformation, a process which is still ongoing along both the north and south banks of the Clyde

The work on both sides means it is more important now than ever to have sufficient bridges connecting the two.

Bell's Bridge was a significant addition, when it was built to serve the Garden Festival site in 1988. It was the first footbridge across the river to open in years.

With the Science Centre on one side and the SECC and the new Hydro Arena on the other, maintaining the links across the water is essential.

The bridge may be closed for six months for the upgrade, but there are other options in the Millennium Bridge to the west and the Clyde Arc (Squinty Bridge) to the east, so people can still cross.

Continuing the regeneration of the riverside areas is still a challenge given the economic conditions but the difference now from the days of acre after acre of wasteland, following industrial decline, is a serious improvement and achievement.

Before we know it Bell's Bridge will be restored to its former glory and although now one of the older pieces of waterfront improvements, it is still and will continue to be, an image of Glasgow with fond memories of the Garden Festival as well as a role to play in the future.