THE streets of Glasgow city centre are renowned for their fine examples of Victorian and Georgian architecture.

The City Chambers, Buchanan Street, many office buildings and the Gallery of Modern Art are just some which stop visitors in their tracks.

All too often we have seen the demolition of buildings further afield due to years of neglect, such as Springburn halls. Equally, we have also witnessed some superb renovations like Maryhill Burgh Halls.

The lesson is that our focus must be on maintenance and care of the fabric of the buildings.

While new glass and steel structures might be easier to clean and maintain than old stone – which requires more care – we cannot allow our landmark buildings to become decayed.

There are many owners of our city centre buildings, some in the public sector others privately owned, but whoever is responsible they must ensure they are clean and in a safe condition.

Much effort has been put into ensuring our streets are clean with campaigns and action taken to fine litter louts and irresponsible dog owners.

But while we try to keep the streets clean, lets make sure our buildings are kept looking their best, too. That way the city will continue to show itself in the best possible light.