THANKS for your coverage about First's cancellation of the 64 bus service.

It may not seem like big news to some, but it's good to highlight the impact this will have on residents like myself if it's taken away.

I have problems walking and don't drive, so rely on the bus to get from A to B, and will be lost without it.

Concerned East-Ender

Via e-mail

THE Pensions Department tells me that from April 1, I will lose £1.01 from my pension credit, my second cut in a year.

Are there any MPs, or anybody with decency and integrity ready to shout, enough is enough?

What will happen when they run out of poor, disabled and elderly to pay the national debt?

Will the greedy MPs pay for the good of the nation? I don't think so.



I DON't see schoolkids being happy if they are banned from leaving their school at lunchtime (January 25).

There will always be some cheeky pupils who attempt to breach these rules if they are brought in. Local traders would also lose out if the scheme was introduced.

Name and address supplied

THE demolition of the Springburn Halls reminded me of the 1970s, when I used to go to Nan Keeling's tap dancing classes there.

I still remember one incident with a shudder.

I was heading down to the basement to get changed to go home, when I passed two sisters, Nancy and Dorothy.

As I was starting to get undressed they switched off all the lights, closed all the doors and ran away and laughing.

I was left panicking in the dark and trying to find the switches.

Luckilly I did!



WHAT a fabulous line up of cars at the People's Palace for the start of the Monte Carlo Rally.

It really captured the spirit of the good old days of motoring when cars didn't all look the same.

Let's hope we see them all back in the city again.

Old Petrolhead