Q I LOANED my ex-wife a large sum of money to clear off her credit card and at the time I took her to my bank to transfer money from my account to clear the card.

She said she would pay £20 per week but in total I have only received £60.

What procedures or advice to recoup the rest or do I have any chance at all? It's £3000 in all.

A Without a written agreement to prove the loan it may be difficult to sue her – which is your only option if she does not pay up.

Payments of money between people who are family, even ex-spouses, are more likely to be judged to be gifts unless there is some evidence of the intention of loan.

However, what you do have is evidence of repayment albeit only in fits and starts.

You should test the water by getting a lawyer's letter sent to her, demanding repayment and threatening court action if she does not.

Q I BOUGHT a rise and recline armchair. After 10 days it malfunctioned, and as the store has a 14-day exchange/refund policy, I phoned customer services, but they have not been back in touch for over a month. Where do I stand legally?

A If the terms of the sale clearly included a full refund provision, and you met the procedures for it correctly, there is no reason why you should not get your money back, and if necessary you can sue for it. I suggest you write to the managing director to demand a response within seven days.

Q I HAVE never made a will but don't think I have enough to leave when I die anyway. But someone said to me that if I don't do this the government can step in and take my property.

A I am assuming you have no close blood relatives, as family has a pecking order, starting with children, to take an estate if there is no will.

If you don't have relatives, then the government will indeed inherit as final survivor, and the money will go to the Crown.

A simple will avoids this.

Q I MOVED into a new property six months ago. The builders assisted me to do a snagging list of faults within it.

I was told that these would be rectified.

Since then other faults have emerged. My problem is I have to continually search for the foreman to ask when he will attend to these.

Every day is spent chasing them, getting false promises and then, quite frankly feeling humiliated when no-one shows up.

A Take a copy of your list and write a letter marked Private & Personal to the Managing Director of the builders.

Outline the let-downs and history and tell him he is in breach of contract.

If that doesn't work see your solicitor about suing them.