DUMBARTON ROAD is one of the longest and most densely populated streets in Glasgow, with house numbers going up to 2000.

The city council at each bus shelter along the route has a sign telling travellers where they are ... all unhelpfully saying 'Dumbarton Road'.

This is completely useless for tourists and occasional bus users.

The same is true of Paisley Road West, which is of similar length – all stops giving the street name only.

Surely something more can be done, maybe with a local map on each shelter as in London.

We need more before the 2014 Games.

Donald Murray

East Kilbride

THE problem with Byres Road (January 25) is that it has just been taken for granted.

The council continually focuses resources on the city centre, leaving other areas to get on with it.

Byres Road has always been a traditionally busy and thriving area, but without any upkeep it has gone downhill.

There needs to be a focus on maintaining independent shops and to stop letting big chains and supermarkets take over.

G Williams


I READ about an attempt to make the law concerning the Blue Badge parking scheme more stringent.

The scheme is a farce and needs to be revamped.

I have no problem with genuinely disabled people having special parking facilities but the system has been abused over the years and there are now 12,000,000 Blue Badge holders in the UK.

Only the genuinely disabled people should be issued with badges.

I have heard of people who attend tea dances twice a week who do not own a car but they have blue badges. One of our local golf courses even has disabled spaces in the car park.

Instead of trying to get a law passed, which would be practically unenforceable, how about putting a more stringent disabled parking scheme in place, of course that would mean lots of people losing their badge.


East Kilbride