I WOULD like to express my disgust at the parking fiasco at the Emirates Arena for its first big event (Evening Times, January 25).

As a treat for my 85-year-old father I took him to the British Athletics International.

He was an athlete in his younger day with Garscube Harriers but is now disabled.

We arrived around midday to get him settled only to be turned away at the car park and told to "park in the street".

The car parks were no where near full. The road outside the arena has yellow lines, so we had to park at The Forge and walk from there, a journey of over half a mile. No taxis were available.

While I congratulate the arena on an excellent meeting, the parking fiasco put a complete and utter dampener on my father's treat and he is still recovering from his walking ordeal.

R T Elliott

Via e-mail

I'M not surprised support for Scottish independence is at its lowest.

It's the longest, most boring political campaign in history. We have to listen to the same arguments every night, and there's another year and a half to go.

V Reed


Quite right. The roads are a disgrace and I can't remember when I last saw any of them being repaired.

The council managed to find £15million for the planned upgrade of George Square, but the roads don't seem to matter.

The council just has to go out there, find the holes and fix them.

Ronnie Cotterill


In response to the reader's letter about pension cuts (January 28), there are many MPs like myself who do think that enough is enough.

We just hope that people will listen and act at the next General Election.

Jim Sheridan, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North