ARCHITECT John McAslan, 'winner' of the doomed design contest for George Square, says he wants to listen to the people of Glasgow (January 29).

If he and Councillor Matheson had listened to the people of Glasgow in the first place, they wouldn't be in the situation they are now.

We don't want fancy designs, water features or 'pop up cafes' (whatever they are). We want less traffic, more grass and trees and more benches and bins. It's hardly rocket science.

I sometimes wonder if anyone is listening to the people of this city.

James Fisher


SURELY the Government's planned Bedroom Tax can be argued in court.

As it is, rent is calculated by how many rooms you have in your house, so tenants are already paying extra for larger houses.

This must be classed as a very unfair way to get more money from the already overstretched public.

I urge all tenants to take this on board and fight this unjust tax.



THE photograph sent in by reader Patricia McLaughlin showing her father Bill Anderson as a switchboard operator (Memories, January 25) also includes my father, George Dixon, who worked as telephone supervisor at the Scottish Daily Express.

He is second from the right standing at the switchboard.

He is still alive though not in good health. I also have a copy of this photograph.

Patricia Dixon

Via e-mail

I SEE Tesco is opening up a store in Sauchiehall Street.

This street is soon going to be only occupied by grocery stores if this trend continues.

More retailers are closing up shop, with the units lying empty. The council has to look at how to bring retailers back.

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