I thought Glasgow City Council had come to its senses over the extended development of Buchanan Galleries, but, no, here we go again.

The top of Buchanan Street is being developed at the moment. Is that not enough to develop and enhance that area?

What about Sauchiehall Street? Shops and businesses are closing down all around us, and we already have two good centres: St Enoch Centre and the beautiful Princess Square.

We don't need to compete with any out-of- town shopping malls as people want a Glasgow experience not a shopping centre experience.

The steps at the back of the Concert Hall have been a great hit with the people of Glasgow.

And, stone the crows, another cinema! Who needs that? We had to close the others down and the current multiplex is next to Buchanan Galleries. Where is the common sense?

M K Glasgow

People in council houses have got to remember the property doesn't belong to them.

If you want a big house, buy one. If not, let someone who needs a house have it. That way, you won't have to pay tax on a bedroom you don't need. Simple really.

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IN response to the article, Doctors Diagnose 20 Years of Failure to Help City's Poorest (January 30), I feel it is not the correct approach to increase the number of GPs and health professionals in the most deprived areas.

Surgeries tend to be consulted to cure an illness, rather than as a method of prevention.

Low-income groups have generally poorer diets due to high food prices and I feel this should be addressed first.

Fresh food, fruit and vegetables are much more expensive than cheap, processed meals.

Tackling this area and making healthy options cheaper is the first step.

K McPherson, Sociology student Glasgow University

I'M pleased to see the Clyde Clock is finally working correctly.

Only in Glasgow could you have a clock with four different times on it.

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