THE idiots responsible for the damage to the new outdoor facility at Darnley Primary School should be made to feel thoroughly ashamed.

The 'outdoor classroom' was only completed on Friday afternoon but by Monday morning mindless morons had smashed it to bits, depriving the children of a useful resource and costing the community vital cash.

Every penny of public money, whether it is from the council or grants from charities is precious in times when cuts are having a severe impact on the ability to fund existing services never mind provide something new.

Vandals being the stupid people they are, are usually perversely proud of their damage, meaning they have most likely told someone of their pointless exploits over the weekend.

Hopefully, someone who knows who is responsible will alert the police or school to the culprits and they can be brought to book and made to make good their actions, perhaps by rebuilding the very gazebo they trashed under some form of community payback.

We cannot afford to allow our resources get damaged in this way and the good people of Glasgow, who are by far in the majority in this city, must fight back wherever possible and report the vandals who give their communities and city a bad reputation.