SO Hope Street is once again highlighted for its dangerous levels of pollution due to the enormous level of traffic (Monday).

No surprise there, but the complacency from the city council and Government is astonishing.

They were prepared to splash out £15 million on a cosmetic job for George Square, so why can't they bite the bullet and do something about the ridiculous levels of polluting traffic thundering through our city centre?



AT Prime Minister's Question Time on Wednesday David Cameron said he had to cut housing benefit because it was costing nearing £20 billion.

Foreign aid is nearly £12bn (this year he is increasing it to nearly £20bn).

There was no mention of him cutting that, why?


Via e-mail

THE SNP has a cheek to say they are already preparing for 'independence day' and it will be in March 2016.

Scots haven't even been allowed to vote yet.

It's a bit premature of President Salmond to make plans for something that might not even happen.

V Reed


NICOLA Sturgeon has once again re-announced major infrastructure projects for Scotland: the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route – cost £650million; Stornoway to Ullapool Ferry Project – cost £42m; A90 upgrade between Balmedie and Tipperty – cost £92m; M73 & M74 Improvements – cost £415m; A9 Dualling Perth to Inverness – cost £3bn; New Forth Road Bridge -£1.6bn; UK High Speed Rail Link – £15bn.

How on this earth can she look the travelling people of Glasgow in the eye after her SNP Government cancelled the much needed Rail Link from Central Station to Glasgow Airport?

While the rest of the country gets massive spending, she found nothing for Glasgow.

Jim Docherty

East Kilbride