EVERY child deserves the right to an education to allow them to reach their potential regardless of their personal circumstances.

There are a number of girls under 16 in the city each year who become pregnant and have a baby before they are able to leave school, although the rate in Glasgow is not the highest in Scotland.

While there will obviously be some interruption to their education, there is no reason why they should not be supported to complete their studies which will undoubtedly benefit them and their children later in life.

The programme based at Smithycroft School combines this with parenting education and targeted initiatives to help them develop as young mothers looking after themselves and their child.

So far the project is showing signs of success and proves that intervention and support can lead to positive outcomes for young women who once might simply have been 'written off'.

It is exactly this type of early intervention that can not only reduce the likelihood of a child of a teenage mum becoming a teenage mum herself, but improve the overall life chances of the child.

Many young mums have extended family support to rely on, but for those who otherwise would be on their own, this is a lifeline that helps keep babies with their mothers and gives them a real chance of a successful future.