YET again, Hairmyres Hospital hits the headlines (Evening Times February 8).

Sadly, for all the wrong reasons. This time it's filthy mattresses and careless procedures.

Thank goodness for health inspectors. Unfortunately, the only response we get from the untouchables in charge is the standard reply of "lessons have been learned" and "staff have been reminded."

Big deal. Why do staff have to be reminded about basic procedures?

Excuses are no longer acceptable, tough action is required and shown to be happening.

The "problem", of course, is endemic to the NHS. Just look at what's going on down South.

Fundamental decisions are based on two factors: Targets and bonuses, not what's best for patients or nursing staff.

Stop these and perhaps we may get the "excellence" we have been promised.


East Kilbride

JIM Docherty (Thursday) asks what the SNP is spending money on in Glasgow. The answer is ... a lot

In my own Shettleston constituency we have the Emirates Arena, Commonwealth Games Village, Tollcross Pool, Hockey centre, Dalmarnock station, Clyde Gateway regeneration and M8/M73/M74 improvements.

I know some colleagues are jealous of SNP spending in Glasgow; but I am delighted!

John Mason MSP Glasgow Shettleston

AM I alone in feeling disgust when I look at the pavements of Glasgow and see it clogged up with chewing gum?

Despite various strategies and plans to cure the problem, it seems – if anything– to be worse today.

Surely it is simple for someone – if they have to chew gum in the first place – to put it in a bin. Why do they feel it is okay for them to spit it out on the street?

It's a repulsive habit and I can't think of any other city I've visited that is blighted as badly as Glasgow.

Perhaps some of our young offenders should be put to work cleaning it up.

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