WHY do we keep armies of Civil Servants in well-paid jobs when once again they have been proved to be useless?

In the wake of the horsemeat scandal now unfolding before our eyes, someone from the Food Standards Agency stated it was for the stores to ensure the integrity of their supplies.

But we all know the only thing private enterprise is interested in is profit.

This is the reason the FSA was set up in the first place – to protect us from their greed.

Of course we also have Ofgem, Ofcom, and the Financial Services Authority among the countless other quangos who have all sat on their hands and looked on as the big multinational companies and banks ripped off the people of the UK.

We need someone to stand up and say, enough is enough.

But then all our MPs are quite happy as long as their snouts are in the trough.

I hope the SNP takes notice of this situation, just in case it wins the referendum.

Although I very much doubt it will.

William Allan East Kilbride

NICOLA Sturgeon was pictured (February 5) standing at Glasgow's new 'superhospital'.

I wonder if she could come and work her magic at Castlemilk Braes Shopping Centre.

I have lived in Castlemilk for more than 50 years and the centre has always been an eyesore.

It's embarrassing when I go visiting relatives in other schemes and go into their shopping centres.

They are warm, welcoming and bright.

I wouldn't dare take my relatives up to my centre – it shows up people in Castlemilk.

I only visit the place for the friendly shop assistants.

Unhappy Castlemilk Shopper

Via e-mail

I'VE long felt that the way people dress to day, you'd think Hallowe'en is no longer an annual event but an all year round affair.

And your Style In The Streets column (Evening Times, Mondays) only goes to support my theory.

RC Glasgow