THE attacks on three women in the West End of Glasgow have left people in fear, wary of being out alone until this man is caught.

Thankfully there is a team of police officers working night and day to identify him and hopefully have him locked up and help make the streets feel safer again.

Often, we hear of the perceived dangers of CCTV with warnings of 'Big Brother' watching our every move and civil liberties being infringed.

However, when police have access to street CCTV and shop and business security cameras in the area it must be recognised that it is a valuable tool in fighting crime.

If you are recorded on CCTV when you pop in to buy your Evening Times and a pint of milk, or walk to the bus stop minding your own business, what harm is done?.

If that same system assists in leading police to arrest a very dangerous man who has already indecently assaulted three women then it becomes very difficult for anyone to argue with the benefits.

Thankfully, serious sexual assaults by strangers, especially outdoors are rare in Glasgow, and once this man is caught the streets will be even safer.

Until he is caught heed the advice of the police, be vigilant and report any suspicious activity and we can help keep Glasgow safe.