FMK's letter (We need to cure NHS, Monday) is very timely.

On January 13 this year Jim Martin, Scottish Public Service Ombudsman, told the Scottish Parliament's Health Committee we can no longer afford for the NHS to continue to fail to learn from experience.

He also said that if patients, friends and families were listened to he and other regulators would not have to investigate the same complaints year on year.

Three years ago a colleague and I wrote a booklet: Shedding Light into dark places: the NHS – a self-serving bureaucracy.

The title of the second chapter was, 'The untouchables: seriously lacking in accountability.'

But things continue unchanged. How are we going to get the "tough action" that FMK is calling for?

Serious political will and a complete change in management culture is needed.

John Womersley

Consultant in public health, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, 1979-2006

BAFTAS, Oscars, Comedy Awards, Soap Awards, Music Awards and many more awards.

Air head no talent celebs telling each other how wonderful they are and presenters gushing over them.

How long before we have an award for the best award?

Shouldn't we viewers get an award for watching and listening to all this drivel? Thank God for the off switch.

Glasgow John

Via e-mail

I was pleased to read (Monday) that several rail stations are due to be refurbished in time for the Commonwealth Games, but I think it is too little too late.

Especially when you realise that all they are planning is new seating, some flowers and a lick of paint.

That is okay for Charing Cross and Queen Street low level but not High Street station, which, if I am honest, is a dump.

High Street needs a complete rebuild.

With the Collegelands development and the City Science quarter starting to take shape, the area needs a modern train station.

John Bannatyne