LAST week, the SNP presented its Budget for the next 12 months to the people of Scotland.

Sadly, it did not contain any substantial measures offering good news for Glaswegians.

At a time when everyone is tightening their belts and bills are rising, the Scottish Government passed a Budget that may well make your life that little bit harder.

Colleges are vital to the prosperity of Glasgow, both as places for your young people to learn and to broaden their job opportunities for the future, and as places of employment for thousands. Why then, has the Scottish Government cut funding for further education?

Despite repeated requests from students, lecturers, the NUS and the Scottish Conservatives, the SNP has taken £24million out of the college budget.

It is worth noting that when the Finance Secretary announced these figures at Holyrood the SNP backbenches cheered as though it was good news – good news it was not.

The SNP claimed it had no choice but to make cuts, but it actually has more money to spend than the previous year.

The Scottish Government's failure to deliver more than £350million of construction projects over the past year is further evidence it has taken its eye off the ball when it comes to prioritising the economy.

These should have included much needed health centres in Maryhill, the Gorbals and Woodside.

These and other vital developments across the country could have created almost 7000 jobs last year.

However, the SNP decided these projects and construction jobs could wait.

Again, the picture is not any rosier when it comes to the budget for housing.

Last year, the Government spent £315m on housing – this year it will be £257m.

The SNP claims housing is a priority, yet it is cutting the budget by almost a fifth.

Glasgow, like many parts of Scotland, is crying out for new and improved housing stock yet the Government fails to back this up with the right investment.

Much could also be done to improve the housing stock we have.

Measures such as double and triple glazing, better insulation and more efficient boilers can make a world of difference to families struggling to pay ever-rising bills.

But, rather than invest in simple steps like this to improve people's quality of life, the SNP is driven more by its obsession to plant more windfarms on people's doorsteps.

Instead, the Scottish Government failed to pass a Budget to really help the people of Glasgow. It didn't give us a Budget designed to ensure there are more jobs and better, more affordable housing, or one that ensures our young people are given a platform to pursue the career they want to.

It has given us a dismal Budget that fails to tackle the everyday priorities of Glaswegians. We deserve better.