ONE of the reasons Glasgow was successful in its bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games was the fact so much of the city's facilities and infrastructure was already in place.

Once the Games have been held, those facilities will be even better and Glasgow in an even better position to host major multi-day international sporting events.

The bid for the 2018 Youth Olympics was an obvious target for Glasgow to build on the 2014 Games and also make even more improvements to the city, this time in the north, at Sighthill.

Like most of the contests to stage these events, the competition will be strong and the other cities viable contenders capable of delivering successful games.

With the experience being gained in the city and the enthusiasm shown for the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow is now building up a momentum and a passion for sport that will help improve health and wellbeing for years to come.

The city must get behind the bid for the Youth Games as it did the Commonwealth bid and recognise the opportunity this event brings to build on the legacy we see being created even ahead of 2014.

The Youth Olympics in 2018 would continue to inspire young people into a range of physical activities and see Glasgow become a true international sporting city.