YOU'VE got to hand it to our councillors, they have no shame.

Councillor Frank McAveety proudly poses in the Evening Times (Wednesday) demanding the government do more regarding the city's food poverty.

Pity Mr McAveety didn't call for action while his colleagues were sitting in the City Chambers enjoying their subsidised lunch, courtesy of the "people's" Common Good Fund!


East Kilbride

I REFER to the article on Wednesday regarding potholes.

This has been on-going since 2009 and now that it has been declared that there is a budget of £36million to spend on improving our roads, what are we waiting for.

Patch-up repairs are of no use whatsoever.

We need to completely replace the damaged sections.

Our roads are embarrassing and, with the Commonwealth Games next year, what will our visitors think?

I could fill a whole page of the Evening Times about roads that are seriously damaged by potholes and broken-up surfaces, so when are we going to see them getting properly repaired?

Ronnie Cotterill

Via e-mail

A TOTAL of 126,000 motorists now view this as a city hostile to them, due to cameras being brought in to stop them going into bus lanes.

I was fined in Duke Street at the junction with Cumbernauld Road.

If this city wants us to believe that this is not just another cash-raising exercise to fund their vanity projects, then it might have considered the impact on traffic flow and taken steps to ease the impact on motorists at this junction by introducing a filter light for traffic turning right.

As it is, we will all have to stay in one lane even though we know we are being held up by a vehicle trying to turn right. So pollution will increase, or motorists will simply say this city is not for me and go elsewhere.

More annoying is that among those to gain will be the private bus companies, who must be laughing all the way to the bank.

M Bremner