'TRUE Scot' (Letters, February 9) is in fact a true, wound-up Scot, filled by the Nationalist's blatant spin.

Stop believing all the bluff and hot air.

Significant doubt and risk surrounds independence.

I'm not being negative – only streetwise.

Take off your blinkers, please.

Rather than me move to England (as you suggest), why don't you move to one of the Nationalists 'Arcs of Prosperity' such as Iceland.

I'll stick to the UK and avoid the SNP's game of dodgy roulette.

Stewart Gordon Glasgow

AFTER reading your recent article on the derelict state of the old Gray Dunns building in Kinning Park, it brought to mind so many similar buildings that once gave our neighbours and friends their livelihoods, as well as servicing a vital part of our community.

Due to the changing economic climate, too many once thriving businesses have been forced to close down.

It is all very sad.

But the saddest thing of all is these buildings are a sitting target for arsonists, thieves etc., and become more unsafe as well as eyesores in an otherwise attractive and developing area.

As time goes on I hope the powers that be will remedy this problem.

Sooner rather than later.

Iain Henderson Glasgow

I WAS saddened to read (February 14) that Miller Homes has been given the go ahead to build 265 homes beside the old Leverndale Hospital.

I grew up in the area and loved the fact that, within a few minutes' walk, I could feel as though I was out in the country. The fields at the back of the hospital, and the banks of the nearby Rivert Cart, were my childhood playground. A safe sanctuary to build dens, play hide and seek and watch the local wildlife; kingfishers, rabbits and foxes.

With 265 houses, each with probably two children in them, where are these 530 children going to explore and play?

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