THEY never make the headlines like a new motorway, railway service or air route.

Lowly buses are often ignored by Scotland's politicians.

After all, MSPs and councillors prefer posing in hard hats at the opening of new roads to spending hours at meetings about the future of the No. 61.

But buses, the workhorses of public transport, carry more of us around than anything else.

So today's news that First Glasgow – the city's biggest operator – is to revamp its entire network could not be more important.

Bus firms, like the rest of us, have struggled through the recession. Times are hard.

First is trying to find a way to make its substantial network work – and pay – better.

Their main aim is to make the system simpler. Many Glaswegians will welcome that.

But some people may lose out.

First says it wants to know what we, the fare-paying passengers think about its proposals.

Anyone affected by this revamp should make sure they take First up on this offer.

The company's bosses are saying they are ready to tweak their plans, provided they're given good reasons to do so. Fair enough.

Make sure you have your own say... because you can't count on anyone else to make your point.