I WAS delighted to read (February 18) that Shawlands might be in line to once again get a cinema.

Growing up in the area I could choose from about half a dozen picture houses; in Battlefield, Cathcart, Langside, Govanhill and Shawlands – all now gone.

I used to go to the ABC Minors at the old Waverley cinema on Saturday mornings. Great days; even if me and my pals did sometimes get 'pit oot' for causing a right old rammy in the stalls.

I still love going to the pictures, but hate having to drag myself into town to do so. If the planned cinema is half as good as Mr King's Grosvenor venue in the West End, it will be a very welcome addition to the South Side and will, I'm sure, find an audience.

Arthur Cairns Via e-mail

Nobody likes a scrounger, but the Government's new 'benefit cap' is starting to punish the poor.

Ordinary, hard working families still need help to keep their heads above water when rents and prices are continuing to sky rocket.

Cracking down on scroungers in one thing. But punishing people just for being poor should anger us all.

George Drummond Govan

I READ with anger and disgust your report (February 15) that 4600 people were victims of domestic abuse over the Christmas holidays.

The figures, revealed by the police, show the true scale of what goes on behind closed doors.

Often it is children that suffer the most, and in silence, in such dreadful situations.

Strathclyde Police deserve to be praised for their work to tackle the problem, and there's plenty to do to combat it.

But it cannot fall on the police alone, we all have a part to play.

Most of all we need to work to make sure that violence and abuse are not just accepted as "a fact of life."

We can all play our part in speaking up against violence and domestic abuse.

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