Clubs such as Viper launching new nights is like when fast food chains advertise "limited edition" burgers: it's the same ingredients, same taste, same setting, with a different name on the box.

So it is with Viper's new Thursday nighter Game On, which takes the (admittedly unrivalled) student antics that it plies every other night, just this time it is on a Thursday.

The new night's name – Game On – brings to mind the much-missed Pin-up Nights, whose swansong was aptly advertised Game Over.

The two could hardly be more different, though. While Pin-ups had a laid-back indie aesthetic, Viper swarms with hyperactive undergraduates.

If the prevailing "Uni Lad" culture has a beating heart, as opposed to a black, emotion-free lump of porous rock, then surely this is it.

It is pretty clear everyone in the room is on the pull and, unsurprisingly, this is precisely why Viper is the West End's go-to student venue.

It also benefits from the demise of the Glasgow University Union's Hive (which, at the end of January, saw apocalyptic scenes as regulars fought, Mad Max-style, for mementos such as hand dryers, sinks and cisterns, causing the finale to be shut early for safety reasons).

Bringing together amorous teenagers, up-to-the-minute chart and party tunes, a late licence, roving shot girls and pocket-friendly drinks promos is a recipe for trouble, but there is no doubt it is enjoyable.

To break the ice, we asked them:

What's your favourite Scottish word or phrase?