I would like to comment on the lack of responses to job adverts.

Like many, I was made redundant and applied for all sorts to no avail.

Last month I applied to probably the last ship-yard on the lower Clyde for a job in my trade.

I was contacted by one of the supervisors for an interview. At the meeting I was told I would be contacted as they were most appreciative of my taking the interview at short notice.

Living in hope for the last few weeks I decided to contact them only to be told the job was taken.

I know nowadays you do not get many replies but as my missus gave me our last bit of cash to get there, it would have been good to be told thanks but no thanks.

Stuart Fleming


I HAVE fond memories of visiting all the cinemas which were within a half-hour walk of where I lived in Cathcart in the 1950s when my husband and I were courting.

Our first date was to the Waverley in Shawlands for tea and then to see John Wayne in "The Quiet Man."

My late mother-in-law played the piano for the silent movies in the early 1920s at the cinema in Rutherglen, now a KwikFit garage.

Here is a list of the cinemas I remember, from Giffnock down to the bottom of Victoria Road and Shawlands over to Kings Park; Tudor, Embassy, Elephant, Waverley, Crosshill, New Cinerama and Toledo, Rialto, Kingsway, Tonic (called the Flea Pit), Mayfair, Majestic, State, Florida and Hampden.

Sylvia Johnston


DRIVING into work I was mesmerised by the driver of the car in front.

We were travelling at 25 miles an hour along the back road through Castlecary, which does not have tight corners.

Every time we came to a slight curve in the road the driver leaned into it.

It got me wondering if this is something else they teach people in their driving lessons nowadays, along with the overtaking on the inside and parking over two spaces in car parks.

George Brown