THE Evening Times is to be praised for its coverage of the outrage of child poverty in Glasgow.

That one in three children in the city lives in poverty is a scandal.

We are one of the richest countries in the world, but we have an economy which leaves behind too many people, including a shocking number of children. We can change this.

Your support for a legal requirement to consider child poverty when council cuts are being made is welcome.

Oxfam Scotland is calling for the creation of a Scottish Poverty Commissioner, who would ensure that the fight against poverty is placed at the heart of government, both local and national.

We hope it's a call that Glasgow's councillors and MSPs will support.

Judith Robertson

Head of Oxfam Scotland

Urban foxes...

YOUR story on urban foxes mentioned Knightswood.

I live next to the park at Tabard Road and it is rife with foxes.

My dog is 16 and blind and I have had to chase foxes that were sneaking up behind her.

It doesn't help when one of my neighbours feeds the animals dog food every night.

She comes out and starts banging their metal bowl.

W Clark

FURTHER to the problems with foxes.

Shawlands is now full of fast-food shops, takeaways, bakers and the like.

During the day the amount of food left on the streets in this area leaves a lot to be desired. I'm sure the foxes must love it.

Name and address supplied

AFTER several visits to Yorkhill Hospital recently, we would like to thank the canteen staff, who were so friendly and helpful.

There was a good choice of food at lunchtimes, delicious soup and a choice of pasta and meat dishes which were very tasty.

Well done to everyone involved. Keep up the good work.

Ann & Ian Davidson