YOUR recent published figures on child poverty are shameful.

The UK distributes billions of pounds in foreign aid, but maybe our Government should look closer to home and use some of this money to make child poverty a thing of the past.

As a resident of Springburn, I have seen very little regeneration in this area; once a hive of industry it is now an unemployment black spot.

Not a good record for past and present Labour MPs and MSPs.


Via e-mail

TO ALL the people who wrote in regarding urban foxes.

These animals are living, breathing creatures and they are "urban" simply because we humans have taken over their natural habitats.

There are hardly any wild green spaces left in the city.

As to the woman who feeds the foxes every night, well good on her.

Perhaps if the human population had not taken over many of the green spaces for housing these animals would not be forced to survive in the city.

Perhaps, also, if careless humans didn't drop fast-food waste in the street, the foxes would move on.

It is not just foxes that people are feeding with fast food, sea gulls eat the rubbish too.

Rather than attack the foxes for accepting a free feed, perhaps we should target the litter louts

Animal Lover

Via e-mail

Arthur Cairns's e-mail (February 18) regarding the old Waverley cinema in Shawlands brought back many happy memories for me.

I was one of the boys who ran about in that area during the 1950s.

I was raised in Pollokshaws, just round the corner from Shawlands.

When we used to go to the flicks, one of us would pay in, then open back door fire exit to let our pals skip in for free.

If we did not skip in at the Waverley, we'd march along the road and enjoy a free afternoon of football by doing the same at Pollok FC's Newlandsfield ground.

Happy days. Thanks for the memories.

Mr Cairns