I THOUGHT that the opening of the new M80 would make the journey from Cumbernauld into Glasgow a lot quicker.

And for quite a while it was, but over the last few months the journey after you leave the new part of the road and join the old one has become one long grind.

It can now take twice as long to travel that last bit as it does to get there from Cumbernauld.

Isn't it about time the road system was sorted out once and for all and to the benefit of the motorists?

George Green


I WAS disgusted to read your article on Monday regarding the huge pile of rubbish left next to a Rutherglen industrial estate.

How can such a huge amount of waste build up without any action being taken?

It's time for something to be done about it by the relevant authorities before the massive pile gets any bigger.

K Martin

Via e-mail

FIRST Group's proposed bus changes are very extensive. If they do go through, the information would have to be made easily accessible to all passengers.

My own concerns are that the changes –ostensibly to improve services – may be altered again in the near future and may actually be worse for users, for example, less frequent services especially outside peak hours.

Fares may be hiked up again and they are already expensive, compared to other towns in Scotland and England, the recent near 22% increase from £10.25 to £12.50 for my weekly pass being a prime example.

I will be looking for guarantees from First Group that these concerns are unfounded.

L Tsang

Via e-mail

IT'S great to see the redevelopment of the top end of Buchanan Street.

The Buchanan Quarter development looks very impressive and adds a touch of class to this end of the city centre.

Hopefully the city can strive on from this boost and encourage more retailers to open up shop.

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