DOES anyone have a solution to the massive problem of cold-calling?

If I have another call about cavity wall insulation, loft insulation or any other type of insulation, I will go mad.

It seems to be on the increase, as I have had, on average, three to four calls a day recently.

Do these companies ever think that there could be someone seriously ill at home, perhaps even dying, parents feeding or changing their babies, all the things that go on in our homes?

We have to stop whatever we are doing to answer our phone.

Please give us a break, I know you have a job to do, but I personally would like a day without your company.



SO another Glasgow landmark building goes. Too often we hear promises that these will be restored to their original state.

The buildings then get left for a few years and finally knocked down, to be replaced by "Grade-A office space".

Another glass box on the way I think ...



IN response to your reader's letter (Monday, Evening Times) regarding the danger of foxes, in my opinion this ever-growing problem of these creatures in our urban areas is purely man-made.

If people did not throw out their disgusting rubbish and the remnants of their takeaway pizza, fish and chips and kebabs, then the seagulls, rats and foxes would not be attracted to the edible rubbish that is seen on grassy areas, parks and pavements in residential areas and main roads.

So many people I know also actually leave out pieces of roast chicken in their gardens for the foxes.

Blaming the animals for wandering around residential areas is quite unfair really when it is humans who are attracting them with food or their inability to cover rubbish bins properly.

Any wild and hungry animal will be drawn towards the smell of food if it's just lying there and easily accessible.