HAVING just returned from the Isle of Man, I noticed while driving I never encountered one pothole on the roads.

Granted, the volume of traffic is a lot lighter than mainland Britain, but I would like to know how they do it, better materials, maintenance?

Primarily my reason for writing is that my own Lora Drive, particularly the Paisley Road West end, is like the surface of the Moon and has been for years, with no work done – a scandal.

Dr Derek Whithorn Mosspark

I READ with interest about Maria Fyffe's bid to place Mary Barbour more prominently in the history of our city.

I was vice chairman of Castlemilk Tenants' Association and Secretary of the Rents Action Group set up to challenge the Tory government's Housing Finance Act in the early 1970s.

During that campaign, the memory of Mrs Barbour was raised many times, usually by older tenants. I was of a younger generation and Mary and her leadership of the struggle in 1915 was something I was unaware of.

It is long overdue that Mary Barbour and her achievements should be recognised. All strength to Maria Fyffe's efforts.

Robert Brennan Glasgow

MANY thanks to the kind couple who helped me when I fainted in Watt Bros last week. You told me I had bumped my head, which I hadn't been aware of, and that proved vital when I got to hospital.

Anne Martin Paisley

YOUR writer Stewart Paterson raises good points about the bedroom tax, but part of the problem is a lack of suitable social housing.

The flat next door to mine is owned by North Glasgow Housing Association and is let to a man who does not live in it. He only appears now and then. I suspect housing benefit pays.

I just wonder how many times this happens throughout Glasgow?

Annoyed resident Midton Street