There's never a shortage of lashes in my kit box, or my personal makeup stash - they are the key to instant glam after all, and if the catwalks at fashion weeks are anything to go by, lashes are also as important as any handbag or statement necklace when it comes to accessorising.

So when my client Natalie came to me for makeup for her Hogmanay party, there was no doubt I was completing her black and purple smokey-eye look with lush lashes.

Queue SKR Hair lashes, they latest brand to be drawn to my attention. On Natalie I chose to use the Elegant lashes as they were dark, dense and had a lovely curl. You'll see from the pictures they blend beautifully with her evening makeup look. They were a nice shape and size, I didn't need to cut them to fit Natalie's eyes, and they are quite light too making them easy to apply. There are others in the range though that can be seen on the SKR Hair website (along with their hair extensions range which I also have my eye on!)

They sell strip lashes, which I use because they are fuss free and easy to apply. The only thing I would say is that when buying lashes I prefer to buy separate glue in a larger, resealable tube to last longer, but for those of you who like glue to hand, they do come with a small glue in the packet.

Price point wise, they are selling online for £4.95 with free delivery. I think this is reasonable and competitive and personally I'd never really pay more than £5 for false lashes and never find the more expensive options are worth the money (unless you're looking for something more specialist or unique.)

I have definitely developed favourite lashes in my time and while I think the SKR Lashes are great, I do hope they develop the range and have some whispy, fluttery options too (as they look so natural and I love using this look for bridal makeup.)

Proud to say that SKR Hair is a brand I'll definitely be keeping my false lash enhanced eyes on! If like me you're a lash lover, this brand of lashes is definitely worth checking out.