SCOTLAND players Alan Rough and Asa Hartford looked pretty pleased with themselves when they teamed up with Tennent's Lager 'Lovelies' Linda Gallagher Liz Wilson, Sandra Franchetti and Lorraine Davidson in 1982.

The unlikely photoshoot was staged outside the city's Holiday Inn, now the Marriot, on Argyle Street.

Launched in 1962, the 'Lager Lovelies' graced cans of Tennent's until 1991. Although we can't imagine such sexist advertising existing today, three generations of men grew up ogling the girls as they guzzled their cans.

If you think Asa is looking a little bit worried here, that might have something to do with goalkeeper Roughie's reputation. The Scottish stopper played 53 times for his country, keeping a clean sheet in just 16 of the games.