I AM 42 and I have had a pain at the top of my thigh area.

I have a feeling of burning in the area and shooting pains down my leg.

I am still exercising but it can be hard as my leg hurts quite a bit.

Is this just a strain? Do you recommend seeing a doctor?

l Firstly, well done on keeping active. The symptoms you describe could be due to a number of things. You have not mentioned any swelling in the area.

Sometimes increasing exercise regimes can increase pressure inside the tummy and this can cause what's called a hernia. This is usually associated with a swelling in the painful area which should disappear with lying down and applying pressure. It can be more obviously felt when you cough while placing your hand over the area.

Occasionally a change in the blood supply in the leg can cause symptoms like this. In this scenario the pain gets worse with exercise and better with rest. Other causes would include muscles strains and nerve irritation.