Amanda Wilson, from Ibrox, is part of the team launching city clothing firm Abandon Ship Apparel's first store.

The 27-year-old is head of product development for the brand, which specialises in edgy streetwear.

After a successful pop-up store in Princes Square, the home-grown company is getting ready to open a flagship store at the site. But Cardonald College graduate Amanda is also a fashion queen in her own right thanks to her blog, Honey Pop.

She recently visited Berlin for the Stylight Fashion Blogger awards and she was previously nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog award. The rising star shared her style secrets with Rachel Loxton, Megan McEachern and Caroline Gauley.

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE I'd say I'm quite eclectic. I'm quite girly even though I hate when people say that I look girly.

I tend to pick and choose stuff that I like and I don't like to pigeonhole myself.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE HIGH STREET SHOP? Topshop is good for clothes that are on trend but I think the fit can go either way. I think Zara would be my favourite shop.

WHAT ITEM OF CLOTHES COULD YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT? I couldn't live without my creepers. I wear them about five times a week.

I don't wear black ever and I don't have black boots so they're my go-to pair of shoes.

WHAT'S THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM YOU OWN? It's probably a vintage dress I got in Los Angeles which was £120. The vintage scene is really different over there. They write the year it came from and its story on the tag.

The dress I got was from 1959 and it has lemon and cream stripes. It's amazing. I'm saving it for a summer wedding.

The more expensive things in my wardrobe have all been gifts from my fiance and my friends.

I tend to buy more vintage instead of buying on the high street.

When I worked in Next I bought a lot of my sample coats so I managed to spend less on them.

WHOSE STYLE DO YOU ADMIRE? I love Courtney Love and the whole grunge look. I love Audrey Kitching (American blogger) because she has great ethical values when it comes to clothes.

She doesn't wear fur and she doesn't wear leather. And I really respect that because I find it hard not to wear leather shoes.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE DESIGNER BRANDS? I love Sibling. Wildfox in America are amazing, too. I would love to be able to afford head-to-toe Celine and Chloe and spend £2000 on an outfit but I couldn't do that.

The high street has got so much better at doing its own interpretations.

WHY DID YOU SET UP THE BLOG? I started doing it a year ago because I love fashion and I love talking about it.

I was nominated for a Cosmo Blog award recently so I went down to London - that was surreal.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF GLASGOW STYLE? I love walking about the high street in Glasgow because everybody looks so different.

I think Glasgow's the city in the UK that I'd most liken to London. It's good for people watching.

AND WHAT ABOUT THE CITY'S DESIGN SCENE? I think it's exploded. There are so many designers, like Obscure Couture and Isolated Heroes, which are doing so well.

And there are new designers like Hayley Scanlon.

People used to think that you had to move to London but now we can stay here.

WHAT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING IN THE FUTURE? Wherever the brand goes I'll go. The team here is close knit so I can't wait to see how we grow.

WHAT'S THE MOST RECENT ITEM YOU BOUGHT? My Chouchou Couture hood which is in a lovely tartan.

WHAT'S ON YOUR 2014 SHOPPING LIST? I'm definitely into tapered trousers at the moment, so I'm going to buy lots of trousers and oversized cream jumpers.

Check out Amanda's blog at http://honeypopkisses.