DESPITE the fact it was the Molendinar Burn and not the River Clyde which gave birth to Glasgow, the city has long turned its back on the smaller waterway.

It was the site of the settlement that grew to become Glasgow, and where St Mungo founded his church in the 6th century. It was later used to power the growing town's mills. Indeed the word "molendinar"is defined as "relating to a mill or a person who works in or lives in a mill".

Running from Frankfield Loch in Cardowan, via Hogganfield Loch to the Clyde, much of it was covered over in the 1870s by what is now Wishart Street.

This stretch, in Dennistoun, was piped in in 1963.

You can still catch a glimpse of the burn in Molendinar Park and beside the old Great Eastern Hotel on Duke Street.