Right now I'm skincare obsessed.

In under eight weeks time I'm a bridesmaid for my beautiful big cousin, I'll probably leave myself not much time for make-up so I want my skin to be right.

Because of this I'll try anything to sort my oily t-zone and visible pores, and to give myself skin that looks like I'm chilled out and I have had my eight hours sleep every night (I'm not and I don't!). I want a healthy glow, basically, and clear smooth skin.

Latest thing to catch my eye was GlamGlow - a range which previously was difficult to buy (unless you were shopping in somewhere like Sephora in the US) - but is now available at Marks & Spencer.

The range was started in California and quickly gained celeb following with A-listers like the always gorgeous Jennifer Aniston.

Earlier this week I put one of their products to the test, the GlamGlow Youthmud Tingleexfoliate Treatment.

This product is designed to be your '10-minute facial in a jar' - and I'm certainly impressed with what it delivered. I wanted to give a very honest review though and thought the best way to do this would be to give you my pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself if this is the product for you!


- no other exfoliator has ever made my skin so soft and smooth, and believe me I've tried many! My make-up went on so beautifully the day after as this just lifted dead, dull skin.

- you feel it working, it tingles as it dries into your skin and when I removed it my skin was definitely well cleansed, with no oily feeling like I often experience even after cleansing.

- you see it working! I could actually see it sink in to some of the deeper, more open pores on my t-zone, which told me it was helping deep into my skin and not just the surface.

- the product reduced some redness I had in my skin, and also helped reduce inflammation of blemishes and spots


There's only one downside I'd say.This is definitely an investment product! At £25 for 15ml, it's a beauty buy for when you're feeling a bit richer! However a little seemed to go a long way. I just wish that the brand would do sample sashes for example as personally I would really like to try something like this before spending that kind of money - as I'm sure most people would agree.

Having said that, you only get one chance with your skin - it's not like shoes that can be replaced or a dress that can be altered - so I'm always a great believer of investing in your face.

The verdict? This is a great product that I'm looking forward to using again. If like me you have oily skin and feel you need a deep cleanse, I think you'll love it. A facial costs on average £40 - so my thought is why not give this a go and see if it can give you some results in the comfort of your own home!

Personally - I'll be looking to try other products from the GlamGlow range soon as I have it on good authority from a friend that their eye-treatment is top class!

GlamGlow is available online on the Marks & Spencer site or in selected stores priced from £25.