SHE is only 12 weeks old - but little Penelope has a wardrobe to rival her mum's already.

Dior slippers, a Fendi jumper and a Gucci hat are among the designer goodies the youngster - born on November 6 to Melissa Rutherford and Owen Mullan - has worn.

Melissa, 29, a solicitor with human rights firm Latta and Co in Cadogan Street, Glasgow, is so proud of Penelope's outfits that she set up a blog for her daughter.

While others might believe that there is no point in spending money on luxury clothes for a newborn, Melissa said it has helped to make her experience as a mum even better.

Melissa, from Bearsden, estimates that she has spent around £1000 so far on Penelope's outfits.

She said: "The first thing I bought for her while pregnant was a little Hermes towel. That was lovely.

"She wore wee Dior shoes for her Christening, which was last month, and she had a matching Dior hat.

"It gives you confidence to get out and about when she's dressed so well.

"I've spent a lot of money but as long as you are not going mad I think it's okay.

"I wouldn't have all clothes designer."

Melissa shops for Penelope at boutiques including Strawberry Fields, in Great Western Road.

Her own style is based on classic pieces and she admits she wears black "99% of the time". When she is working she tends to wear fitted skirts and jackets, and she chooses dresses and fun accessories at weekends.

She said: "My style is quite formal. I like accessories, shoes and jewellery - and I love scarves.

"My new favourite thing is my Hermes scarf which I got as a gift from Owen for Christmas."

Melissa opts for designer accessories, including her Chanel bag and Hermes belt, and wears clothes from the high street.

She said: "I like Zara, H&M and a wee bit of Topshop, although I think I'm a bit too old for it. I definitely don't want to show my belly off.

"I can't have a bag that's not designer - I know it's really sad but I have one on the go all the time.

"The one I use at the moment is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

"That's great for putting scarves, shoes, nappies and everything else into it."

MELISSA, who returns to work from maternity leave in May, said she tried to stick to her own style during pregnancy.

She said: "When you go maternity shopping there seems to be a lot of colourful things and things with animals on them.

"I found that difficult because I don't wear any of that.

"I tried to fit into my clothes and then about six months in I started buying clothes in bigger sizes, but still my style."

The one thing Melissa had to give up was high heels.

She said heels help to give her a presence in the courtroom - but they were not right for parent duties.

She said: "I started wearing flats and I had a big maternity cardigan near the end of my pregnancy.

"Since becoming a mum I'm in my Ugg boots more. I've got a casual padded jacket that I wear during the day.

"I used to be in heels 24/7. I can only wear them on evenings out now.

"I'm too scared to carry Penelope wearing heels.

"It doesn't matter so much if you fall but once you have a baby, you have to think about her."

Melissa believes style doesn't have to change when you are a mum, although she said it has been difficult. She gave birth to Penelope by caesarian section.

Melissa said: "It was stressful. I had a section on the Wednesday and I was home on the Thursday.

"You're just thrown into it. But now I'm getting to know Penelope better, I know what she wants and what her cries are for.

"It's easier to get out of the house and meet people because you know what she does at certain times.

"You get there - but I'm still plodding along."

Melissa said she found getting Penelope ready in her outfits has helped to motivate her.

She said: "It's quite easy to sit in your pyjamas all day and she could be in her babygrow, but if she's got nice things you do want to put them on her."

THERE are already two big bags of clothes in the loft that Penelope has outgrown.

But Melissa is confident they will be used again.

"They grow so fast," she said. "But there's no way I would throw anything out."

"I'm going to keep everything and she can have them for her kids in the future - or if I have another little girl she will get them."

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