DON'T let the Nancy Whiskey name fool you, that's wee Nancy Wilson from Bridgeton.

Born in 1935, Nancy learned how to play the guitar as a child and by the time she went Glasgow School of Art she could teach the boys a thing or two. It was while playing in the city's folk clubs that she met fellow musician Jimmie MacGregor, who turned her on to blues and hillbilly music.

She moved to London in 1955 with jazz pianist Bob Kelly and, on MacGregor's recommendation, was signed by Topic Records. It was then that she joined the Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group and recorded her biggest hit, a rocking cover of Elizabeth Cotten's song "Freight Train". She toured the US with the group, appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, and the record went on to sell over one million copies.

Never a fan of the skiffle sound, Nancy soon went back to her folk roots.

She died, aged 67, in Leicester, in 2003.