WITH golf's Ryder Cup set to return to Gleneagles this September, today we turn the clock back to 1922 and the elegant art of sports reporting.

These journalists, snug and warm in their own converted railway carriage, were parked in a siding by the Gleneagles Hotel to cover our sister paper The Glasgow Herald's 1000 guinea golf tournament.

With direct access to the railway's existing telegraph system, the writers could wire back their copy to the Glasgow office. And if the wires went down, they probably had a couple of carrier pigeons available to fly in the competition results.

Today, thanks to wireless technology, golf writers can follow players around the course stroke by stroke, writing and sending in their reports in real time. Mind you, this looks like more fun.

The 1000 guinea prize fund, adapted for inflation, would amount to about £50,500 in today's money.