BUNNETS instead of hard hats, boiler suits and 'jaikets' instead of hi-vis vests and ordinary, leather-soled shoes instead of work boots - there was precious-little sign of any health and safety rules as these guys added the finishing touches to Tate's Tower at the 1938 Glasgow Empire Exhibition.

The tower, which sat atop Ibrox Hill in Bellahouston Park, stood 300 feet tall (91.44m) and had three separate observation decks which provided a view of the surrounding gardens and city. The tower could be seen dozens of miles away.

Designed by Thomas S Tait, it took just nine weeks to build and was meant to remain as a lasting monument to the exhibition. Sadly, with the onset of war, it was felt it would act as a beacon to Nazi bombers and was demolished in 1939. Today, only its foundations remain.