MY neighbour refuses to trim his massive branches that hang over my side of the fence.

They are causing all sorts of problems - including leaves blocking gutters and us having to clean our monoblocking five times a year.

l You can cut back his branches overhanging your garden and return the branches to the neighbour if he refuses to trim them. There are new laws coming from Holyrood regarding overgrowing bushes - you may get help there soon.

I WITNESSED a power of attorney being signed by an older person. I was happy to help but have since found out that the document appointed two joint attorneys and I believe the person signing did not understand this, as one of those appointed is someone she dislikes.

l I guess the older person may now be too frail or confused to cancel the power of attorney and make a new one - she would be entitled to do that of her own volition. If you believe fraud is being committed you can contact the police. But overseeing the administration of powers of attorney - which all now need to be registered - is the Office of the Public Guardian, who are very helpful. Tel 01324 678300 or go to

I HAVE two daughters who I pay aliment for to my ex-wife. I would like to know how long I am duty-bound to pay this to her. My daughters are 23 and 19 - the youngest is at university and the eldest has just graduated. I am not trying to shirk my responsibilities to the girls, but I would much rather pay the money directly into their own bank accounts instead of to my ex-wife.

l Unless there is some requirement in your legal Minute of Agreement that forces you to pay the ex, the law says you must aliment (support) a child over 16 directly, so you can pay money straight to them. That obligation persists even up to the age of 25 but only if the child is in full-time education. So if your older girl is now working you may not have any ongoing duty to maintain her even directly.

I HAVE been hounded by a debt recovery agency regarding a personal loan with a bank. I get dozens of calls day and night, and we have paid off most of the loan - there is just £93 left to pay. I am 63 and will not work again. How can I stop this harassment?

l Make a written complaint to the bank, and also write with your issues to Enquiries Centre Office of Fair Trading FREEPOST London EC4B 4AH. Be aware that debt collectors have no legal powers and you can put the phone down on them and demand that they do not contact you again. If their phone campaign amounts to harassment you can take out an interdict against them. And if they are menacing or upsetting you, there is no harm in referring the matter to the police.