THINK it's difficult trying to get a pram on and off a modern bus?

Then just think what a task these folk had on their hands trying to manhandle an invalid's wicker trolley-bed on to this vehicle.

The year is 1948 and the Erskine Home for Disabled Ex-Servicemen had just taken delivery of this specially-adapted vehicle to allow their patients to enjoy day trips out.

Incredibly, the original caption explains that some of the hospital's most badly injured veterans from the First World War hadn't had a day out since they'd first arrived at Erskine after the 1914-18 conflict.

The specially-adapted bus, built by the Scottish Motor Traction (SMT) company, had space for 24 people seated or four bed patients.

So, the next time you mump or moan about a pram on your bus, think of these old soldiers and count your blessings