COMEDIAN Lex McLean was never a man to mangle a punchline.

Seen here, fag in hand, larking about at the opening of an appliance shop in New City Road, in Cowcaddens, Sexy Lexy, as he was known to his thousands of fans, was a true king of comedy.

A stalwart of the city's Pavilion Theatre, from the late 1950s to the early 70s Lex staged annual 24-week runs of shows at the venue, giving two performances a night - 6.25pm and 8.35pm - to packed houses of laughing Glaswegians.

As the shows changed over, mounted police were needed outside the theatre to keep Renfield Street clear.

After each show, Lex would leg it for Queen Street, for the last train home to his beloved Helensburgh.

The funnyman died, after a long illness, in 1975.