SUNSHINE sparked an Easter invasion at East Renfrewshire's Rouken Glen Park in 1971.

With families ignoring the old adage 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be oot', it was off with the woollies and on with T-shirts and shorts.

The park's pond proved a particular attraction, with gangs of wee ones and ever-patient dads queuing up for the 'oarie boats'.

Once afloat, while dad did the hard work of rowing, the kids could play at being pirates or explorers. Wise dads knew that the trick was to make out that rowing was great fun, and only for adults. That way, the kids would soon be fighting over the oars and dad could put his feet up and be rowed about in the sunshine looking like Lord Muck.

Weather permitting, the park will be packed again this weekend. Sadly, due to water pollution problems, boating is now banned on the park's pond.