MY husband left me three years ago and I don't know where he lives.

I want to get a divorce but I don't know what to do about it if I can't get hold of him to come to court.

YOU may not need him. As long as you have all the financial information and documentation you need, you can get your solicitor to draw the papers, raise the action at court and serve it on your husband by advertising it in a newspaper of record, if the court agrees.

If he doesn't answer within a set time (usually three weeks), you can ask the court for the divorce without his involvement.

LAST year my step-father died and my mum was left with the mortgage.

The insurance company refused to pay out as my step-father had not informed them he had had a sore back years before he took up the policy.

He was never asked to take a medical and because he never missed work, and did not think it was necessary to tick the box on the form. My mum's house is now at risk.

THIS is a problem. Insurance is a contract of " the utmost good faith" and all questions have to be answered more fully than in an ordinary purchase.

This is a classic way for insurance companies to get out of paying after taking your premiums. If they are being unfair, try the Financial Ombudsman Service

MY son had an accident two years ago on council property leaving him permanently scarred.

I got in touch with an accident company, but they would not take the case as he is only six. I have written to, emailed and telephoned the appropriate council department but have never got a reply. Can I claim compensation on son's behalf ?

YOU can - indeed legal aid may be available for initially the investigative part of the claim, as your son has no income and no capital to get in the way of his eligibility for cover.

If the council was at fault then your son ought to be entitled to compensation.

I LIVE with my girlfriend who bought the flat before I was with her. Can I be put out if she dies? She does not have a will and is still married but her ex left before I came to stay.

Does he have a claim on anything?

FIRST of all she should make a will. If you split up she can tear up the will.

As things stand her husband and children will share the estate.

You, as cohabitant, can make a court claim for financial provision after partner's death, and it will be up to the sheriff to decide what you get, depending on how long you have lived together, your relationship, and money arrangements.