THESE wee green-fingered Govanites were Digging For Victory in 1942.

Armed with shovels, rakes, forks, trowels, a wheeled bogie and a besom brush, they were about to create a vegetable plot in the grounds of Govan Old Parish Church.

With rationing and the U-Boat war in the Atlantic hitting food supplies, every spare inch of ground was being dug, fertilised and planted to provide fresh vegetables for all the hungry mouths on the home front.

Mind you, digging in and around what is one of the West of Scotland's oldest religious sites wouldn't have been without its hazards. Govan Old is built on a former Viking site, and the ancient Celts also interred their dead there.

Here's hoping these wee ones didn't dig too deep and end up taking any ancient human bones home for their dogs or mum's soup pot.