Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is still a favourite haunt of people in Glasgow, as it has been since it opened in 1901.

Nowadays, its treasures attract visitors from far and wide but, in earlier days, most came from the city, or at least within the UK, to admire its august works.

This picture also reveals it has always appealed to a cross-section of citizens.

It is interesting to see that, at a time when the wealthy and the working class tended not to mix, people wearing flat caps and others in fur coats could still enjoy the same outing.

Today, the attire is more likely to be jeans and sweatshirts but, like some of the paintings themselves, this image is a snapshot of life in days gone by.

What has not changed is the admiration for the gallery and its pictures, which are still as impressive as they were the day the facility opened.