My rabbit had babies a week ago and their eyes keep sticking together.

I tried wiping them with cooled boiled water, but it keeps coming back. One is really small too and his back legs drag. What should I do?

There are quite a few things that can cause eye problems - from infections, irritants such as excessive ammonia from urine and an obstruction of the duct that drains the tears. As regards the back leg condition, there are also different conditions that can cause the symptoms you have described, such as splay leg. This syndrome is caused by a number of limb deformities and usually becomes clear once the rabbit leaves the nest. I'd recommend getting all of the babies checked over by a vet as soon as possible.

Bird treats

I have just got a canary as a pet. I want to be able to give him a treat food but don't want to give him anything that might irritate him. Is it best to buy pet store treats or is there something I can make myself?

Good nutrition is essential and birds especially need a diet tailored to their needs. It's a good idea to discuss your canary's dietary requirements with your vet practice. Healthy treats can include fruit and green veggies, but introduce new foods gradually and one at a time. Make sure you wash them well to remove any chemicals, and cut them into manageable-sized pieces. Sprouting pulses, such as those used in stir-fries, are also a great source of nutrients. Don't feed too much millet though, as an excess can lead to nutrient imbalances.

Coughing kitten

I have a rag doll kitten who keeps coughing, then brings up what I think is a hairball. She does lick herself a lot. Is there anything I can do?

It could be that your kitten is regurgitating hair balls. When she grooms her fur with her tongue she is swallowing hairs and over time they bind together and ball up in her digestive system. Often they are regurgitated and an owner may see their cat coughing and hacking first. The best prevention is to groom her daily, which will help remove all her loose hairs. But get your kitten checked by your vet, just in case there is a different reason.