TIME is precious ...

waste it wisely: the thinking behind Liana Mullen's indulgent fragrance collection needs no explanation.

The nose of Timeless, a bespoke range of candles and reed infusers, firmly believes every day in life is for living end enjoying.

With 20 years' experience running a beauty salon, Liana is branching out with a range of products to take the spa experience home.

The candles, including votives, bigger single-wicks with a burning time of 40 hours and large triple-wicks with a burning time of 60 hours, are beautifully presented in white or black glass, wrapped inside cream-coloured boxes finished with hand-tied ribbon.

They make beautiful gifts as well as an indulgent treat for yourself. That's the thinking behind Liana's collection - give yourself a treat every day, whether it's a wonderfully scented candle burning while you have a long soak in the bath after a busy day, or a burst of fresh fragrance from a roof diffuser when you step through the front door.

"I wanted to carry on the journey from the salon spa, where customers are feeling really relaxed and cocooned and have had a lovely treatment," explains Liana, who lives in the west end of Glasgow.

"We pride ourselves on customer care in the salon. We make the clients feel good and when they come out they're totally relaxed, but then they go home and the kids might be driving them crazy and it would just be straight back into the zone: making the dinner, or doing the school run.

"I just wanted to create something that would remind them of that spa experience."

The range of fragrances includes energising Cedar and Eucalyptus, fresh and uplifting with a blend of clove and nutmeg, and Cassis and Fig, a delicious mix of sweet cherry, creamy coconut and fig.

There's restorative Jasmine and Thyme, with patchouli to help you drift off to sleep; Black Plum and Pomegranate, which includes spicy amber and creamy vanilla; and Velvet Sandalwood, with fragrant lavender to relieve stress.

THE best seller is Amber and Bergamot - calming and stress-busting, it fuses smoky and woody scents with jasmine, the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day.

The candles are made in Scotland from good quality soy, which means they cleanly burn down to the very bottom of the glass.

"I've always had a real love for scent," says Liana.

"And I like quality products but this was all about making things that were affordable.

"The whole point of this is to make a quality brand. It took me a long time to find a manufacturer who has that same standards I have. I wanted to have a product that people can afford to use every day.

"That's really the whole point, encouraging people to take time for themselves every day in life. I think scent is probably the most powerful thing to conjure up memories of a good experience."

Liana plans to expand the Timeless collection next with room sprays and diffuser oils and after than a bath and body range.

"As the candles burn down, because it's natural fragrance and soy, you can pop your finger in and take off the oil and massage it into your hands," says Liana.

"It's also great for the ends of your hair and really good for your hands and your skin.

"I'd like to have bath and body products, as well as hand lotion and hand soap so it becomes a home fragrance and every day of your life you've got it, whether it's one scent or different ones for different rooms."

Buy direct from the newly launched website (www.timelesscandles.co.uk) or look out for Timeless around Scotland at five-star resorts including Stobo Castle and Gleneagles, as well as spas including Beauty Within Liana at Milngavie Road, Bearsden.